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Factor Meal Delivery: A Dietitian’s Review (2024)

Factor meal delivery review 2024 is factor worth it?

Factor is a low-carb meal delivery service that delivers refrigerated meals ready to be warmed in the microwave or oven. It also offers add-ons, including protein shakes, cold-pressed juices and smoothies, protein powder, and keto cookies.

But is Factor worth trying? I’m a registered dietitian who tried Factor meals for a week. Here is my honest, unsponsored Factor meal delivery review and recommendations.

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Pro: Excellent Flavor

Factor may have the best-flavored meals I have tried to date compared to other ready-made meal and recipe kit delivery services.

The food always felt fresh, perfectly cooked, and well-seasoned. An example that sticks out is the grilled chicken with broccoli meal. This may sound boring, but it wasn’t! The broccoli was tasty, and the chicken had grill marks and a smokey flavor, making it feel like I had just grilled it for dinner. It rivaled a meal I would have ordered at a restaurant.

Pro: Convenient

Like all meal delivery services, Factor is highly convenient. Factor meals are stored in the refrigerator and can be warmed in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes. If preferred, you can also heat them in the oven.

Pro: Nutrition Coaching

Factor offers a 20-minute complimentary nutrition coaching session with a registered dietitian. This is a nice perk to quickly check in with a nutrition expert about your health goals. However, as a registered dietitian, I should warn that 20 minutes is insufficient to achieve anything significant. The coaching session is best used to have a dietitian help you pick out the best Factor meals for your specific diet.


Con: Mainly Keto and high-saturated fat options

Factor is a keto-meal company first. At the time of this review, 14 out of 34 meal options were Keto, which is 41%. Add in all low-carb options, and it rises to 56%.

Keto-heavy meals mean total fat and saturated-fat heavy meals. I found that most options had way more saturated fat than what I consider acceptable. Even when filtering Keto out, there weren’t many modest saturated fat options. For a company that advertises it being “dietitian-approved,” I was disappointed in how much work I was doing looking at the nutrition information to find low-carb, low-saturated fat options.

For context, the American Heart Association states that for an average diet of 2,000 calories per day, saturated fat intake should be limited to less than 13 grams per day. This limit is recommended because saturated fat raises blood cholesterol and increases the risk of heart disease.

Unless eating vegan or vegetarian (naturally low in saturated fat but high in carbs), I only found two meals under 10 grams of saturated fat. And there were options as high as over 20 grams when looking at keto meals.

So, to summarize, if you are low-carb but not Keto, there will not be enough healthy options for you for it to be worth it.

However, suppose you are not low-carb and are willing to include vegan and vegetarian meals. In that case, Factor may still be a good option for you – just be sure to filter out the keto options!

The Verdict: Should I Try Factor?

So is Factor worth it? It depends on who you are.

You should try Factor if:

  • You value highly convenient, high-quality food
  • Your diet is flexible (willing to eat a mix of high-carb vegetarian meals and low-carb, high-protein meals throughout the week)
  • You’re following a keto diet and are okay with high-saturated fat meals (Here are all the reasons why I don’t recommend the keto diet)

You shouldn’t try Factor if:

  • You follow a low-carb diet (not keto)
  • You have a personal or family history of high cholesterol or heart disease
  • You have multiple or complex diet restrictions (Factor offers keto, low carb, high protein, calorie smart, and a limited amount of vegan and vegetarian)

All in all, Factor is a convenient way to have tasty, high-quality meals ready in minutes. If you have a flexible diet, I recommend giving it a try!

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Samantha Shuflin, MS, RDN, LDN is a Chicago-based registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) with a master’s degree in nutrition. She helps busy professionals thrive through nutrition & wellness.



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